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What are Time Location Charts?

To put it simply, Time location charts are a way of visualising project schedules with linear locations on the horizontal axis, and dates on the vertical axis. Schedule activities are then plotted onto the chart according to the locations over which they occur and the dates that the project schedule determines. Turbo Chart integrates with your existing Primavera of Microsoft schedule and is easy to learn. The benefits of using Turbo Chart will save you thousands of dollars versus competing software.

Vizualize your Linear Project Schedule FAST, with Turbo Chart

Turbo Chart focuses on producing Time Location charts as easily as possible by working alongside your scheduling tools and without complicated features, making Turbo Chart quicker to learn and easier to use!

Turbo Chart integrates seamlessly with Primavera P6, Microsoft Project allowing you to keep "a single version of truth".


How do you create a Time Location chart from Primavera P6?

Generate Time location charts with ease, using your existing schedule by simply adding location and display coding Import data in seconds directly from your Oracle Primavera P6 database, exported XER’s or directly from spreadsheets Use shape libraries, filters and chart options to create custom Time Location charts that can be saved and exchanged in a custom file Present multiple schedule’s data, filtered task sets and pre-configured layouts as your project schedule continues to develop and progress.

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What are Time Location Charts? Watch the video to see for yourself.