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Software, Hardware and Services Leasing

IP System 3 has partnered with an experienced software solution leasing company to help businesses become more productive. Lease financing can be used in addition to traditional bank financing for various reasons. Many companies rely on their bank for credit lines to finance day to day operations – funding inventory purchases, payroll and short term cash needs. Lease financing is typically used for equipment acquisitions because of the following benefits:

  • 100% financing
  • Expanded borrowing capacity
  • Conservation of working capital
  • Increased return on investment
  • Hedge against inflation
  • Superior cash flow with flexible terms
  • Lower after tax cost
  • No restrictive bank loan covenants

Each year over $200 billion dollars of new equipment and software is leased in the United States. Call us today to see why everything from a desktop PC to a Boeing 777 is acquired through leasing. No matter what the size of your business, a lease may be right for you.

Software financing is available for all types of software, including services – no hardware is required. Terms up to 60 months are available.

To help businesses become more productive, we offer a technology lease for software. Services such as training, installation and maintenance agreements can be included.

Increase your company’s efficiency by acquiring new software technology with a low monthly payment and the following benefits:

  • One page credit application for amounts to $75,000

  • Low payments with terms to 60 months

  • Deferred payments are available

  • Reduced out of pocket expenses by including service and maintenance in your lease or loan

  • Leases, loans and rental payments are available for maximum tax advantages

If your competitive edge is getting dull and you are in the market for new computer technology, give us a call. We understand the need to have up-to-date computer and software technology to run your business.

Computer leasing is the second largest sector in the leasing industry. Why? Because every company in the world depends on computer technology to run their business.

Leasing options available:

  • 10% Purchase Option – Tax lease

  • FMV (Fair Market Value) – Operating lease

  • $1.00 Purchase Option – Finance lease

  • 10% PUT – Finance lease

Contact us for more information, or call Randy Alessio today at 609-299-1585, ext. 288 to explore your options


Purchasing Training in Conjunction with Software Purchase

Take a 15% discount on open class training when purchased in conjunction software. Contact us for more information, or call Randy Alessio today at 609-299-1585, ext. 288 to explore your options.

Web-Based Training Volume Purchases

Purchase 50 individual course titles or more concurrently and qualify for substantial discounts. Contact us for more information, or call Michael Kehoe, PMP today at 609-299-1585, ext. 212 to explore your options