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Primavera helps organizations establish good project management practices. In good times and in bad, strong project management equals strong decision-making and a higher percentage of good outcomes. if a client wants to be sure that a project will succeed, they look for strong project management capabilities.

easy-to-use project planning and scheduling software that is completely scalable to your needs... information request

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Primavera P6 provides an integrated project portfolio management (PPM) solution consisting of role-specific tools to satisfy each team member's needs, responsibilities, and skills. This solution uses standard Windows interfaces, client/server architecture, Web-enabled technology, and stand-alone (SQL Server Express) or networked-based (Oracle and Microsoft SQL-Server) databases. Primavera offers the following software component options for you to choose from:

Primavera P6 Professional...

P6 project schedulePrimavera P6 Professional was built to get you running planning and scheduling immediately. With easy and intuitive navigation, you will begin planning, scheduling and controlling your project faster than you ever thought possible. Combining this with our 3 day training class allows you to maximize your investment in this best-of-breed planning and scheduling software application.

Required by many owners in their project specifications, this product is the gold-standard when it comes to planning and managing projects. Whether the project is a complex multi-billion dollar infrastructure project or a simple residential or commercial building, P6 Professional is the answer.

Primavera P6 Professional is ideal for organizations that need to manage either a single project or multiple projects simultaneously while supporting multi-user access across a department or the entire organization. The software can be installed either as a stand-alone installation or a network installation.

Whether installed in a stand-alone configuration or on a network, Primavera P6 Professional enables you to maintain control of your projects. Control is the name of the game if you want to succeed in today's economic environment. Use Primavera P6 Professional to clearly define team accountabilities by assigning activities to each subcontractor. Compare your time-based budget to actual costs and work performed while maintaining independent estimates of cost to complete. Unlimited baselines let you keep track of "what changed" every step of the way. Create unlimited "what-if" scenarios to explore project alternatives. Best of all, Primavera P6 Professional allows you to compare schedules from one month to the next with its unique Claim DIgger technology. From start-to-finish, Primavera P6 Professional gives you the control you need to deliver your project on time.

P6 Professional is the product P3 users have been waiting for...

  • Coding Structures - Unlimited Activity and Resource codes along with unlimited User Defined Fields
  • Scheduling/Activities - Improved float path analysis, mixed planning units, activity steps and step templates, what-if project process
  • Resources/Costs - Hierarchical resources, financial periods, resource bucket planning, top-down estimation, multiple currency, high-level role and resource planning
  • Undo
  • Advanced security features
  • Centralized Project Management - Global resource pool, cross project resource/schedule analysis, global layouts, global data structures
  • Graphics/Display - Multiple formatted curtains, user defined status indicators
  • Ease-Of-Use - Creating Project Wizard, Adding Activity Wizard, Import/Export Wizard, Report Wizard, ProjectLink (MS Project)
  • Risk Analysis
  • Issue Management
  • Claim Digger

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  • Project Schedule
    Project schedule showing activities grouped by a work breakdown structure or WBS
  • Use Reflection Process To Compare Determine Project Changes
    Use the Reflection process to analyze changes made to a project being imported back into P6
  • Activity Steps
    Use activity steps to more clearly define the scope of an activity using lists, pictures and text
  • Centralized Resource Dictionary
    Create a centralized resource pool or dictionary for use by every project
  • Color Code Activities For Float Path Analysis
    Activity bars can be changed to reflect user-definable attributes
  • Define Work And Nonwork Time
    Global and/or project calendars define when work can be performed
  • Easily Create Project Baselines
    Use baselines to analyze cost, time or resource performance
  • Float Path Analysis
    Project float path analysis can be used to determine where project delays can occur
  • Forecast Costs And Resource Units
    Use graphical analysis tools to review cost and resource units over time
  • Identify Project Issues
    Log project issues or let P6 determine issues based upon predefined performance thresholds
  • Import Various Project Formats
    Import project files from other P6, P3 or Microsoft Project users
  • Improved Graphics
    Communicate information to team members and project stakeholders more effectively using improved graphics capabilities in P6 Professional
  • Manage Project Risks
    Project risks can be managed using simple risk analysis tools. More advance risk analysis can be performed by integrating Primavera Risk Analysis with P6 Professional
  • Manage Projects
    The Projects window in P6 allows user to manage multiple projects and to perform project-level functionality such as copy/paste to quickly generate a what-if project
  • Print Layouts To Convey Important Project Information
    Layouts can be quickly created and printed so as to communicate important project information to team members and stakeholders. Layouts can be saved and reused whenever needed.
  • Project Baselines
  • Project WBS
    The WBS or work breakdown structure allows users to more accurately capture project scope and define associated activities as opposed to creating just an activity list
  • Resource Bucket Planning
    Use resource buckets to quickly allocate resources across a timescale
  • Save Project Layouts
    Layouts capture the way information is organized and presented at the project, WBS and activity level. Layouts can be associated with a specific user, assigned to another user or made available for all users.
  • Standard Report Library
    Standard tabular reports come with P6 Professional. New reports can be created and shared with other users as needed.


Primavera P6 Enterprise...

P6 Professional + P6 Web = P6 Enterprise

Primavera P6 Enterprise is the most powerful, robust, and easy to use solution for globally prioritizing, planning, managing and executing projects, programs and portfolios across the entire organization. Not only do you get Primavera P6 Professional but you get P6 Web all rolled together into what is called Primavera P6 Enterprise.

P6 Enterprise is an integrated project portfolio management (PPM) solution comprising role-specific functionality to satisfy each team member’s needs, responsibilities and skills. It provides a single solution for managing projects of any size, adapts to various levels of complexities within a project, and intelligently scales to meet the needs of various roles, functions, or skill levels in your organization.

P6 Enterprise offers users web-based project functionality. Web project management gives the project team anywhere, anytime access to the projects they are assigned to work on. A 100% Web-based user interface covers the full project management lifecycle from project initiation through to project closeout. This includes requesting approval for a new project, the creation of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and activities, documenting and managing project risks and issues, managing status updates, and reporting on key performance indicators like earned value. By using Web Project Management, organizations can ensure that the project team members are communicating with each other, whether it is regarding activity status updates, scope changes, revisions to documents, or issue(s) resolution.

Many organizations have hundreds—even thousands—of projects underway at any given time. These projects cross normal business hierarchies and chains of command, making project management an organization-wide challenge. The P6 Planning and Scheduling functionality enables power users manage the entire project lifecycle from Project Initiation to Project Closeout. It provides multi-user, multi-project functionality, with scheduling and resource control capabilities, support for multi-tiered project hierarchies, resource scheduling, capturing of actual data, customizable views, and the ability to extend functionality based on user-definable data.

All this functionality can be accessed securely through a browser on your internal network or remotely on jobsites. Contact us for more information either by phone at 609-299-1585 or email at

Gantt Chart
  • Gantt Chart
    P6 gives web access to secured Primavera schedules allowing users to view, update or print outputs for distribution.
  • Executive Dashboard
    Customizable executive dashboards can be utilized to minimize surprises
  • Contract Manager Integration
    Contract Manager integration displays job costing, submittal status, RFI status and other administration functions into one common interface.
  • Gantt Chart Updating
    Enter information directly into columns when updating a schedule via a secured browser connection
  • Capacity Planning
    Capacity planning can be easily performed by sliding resource bars. The results will be instantly displayed in the histogram at the bottom of the page.
  • Resource Usage By Project
    Resource graphs can be created and/or viewed securely over the web by project participants.
  • Collaboration Content Management
    P6 facilitates team-based collaboration to improve decision-making, streamline execution, and improve efficiency. P6 provides personalized connectivity to the people and data needed to accomplish organizational goals.
  • Portfolio Management
    User defined project portfolios can be viewed via a browser to evaluate project statistics.
  • Workgroups for online issue resolution
    Use workgroup to collaborate with local and remote team members to resolve project issues. Workgroups can contain news, events, online discussions, issue identification, relevant activities and associated documents with version control and download capabilities. All this in a secured area only accessible by invited project members
  • Primavera P6
    P6 provides executives with a real-time view of their organizationís project, program and portfolio performance.
  • Portfolio Management Evaluation
    P6 Portfolio Management helps organizations align their portfolios of projects and programs with strategic objectives by taking advantage of advanced what-if scenario modeling, capacity analysis, tabular scorecards, rich graphics, and optimization functionality.
  • Timesheets
    Organizations may track, capture, and analyze the time that team members spend on a project or program. Project team members work with timesheets that are automatically populated with their own resource assignments across all projects.

Gantt Chart