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Primavera Contractor is a desktop scheduling application that is NOT web-based. Primavera Contractor helps you to plan and control your project schedule in a single-user environment. Use Primavera Contractor to plan the activities that will complete the project, track project progress, and determine how quickly the project can be completed. Coordinate schedule information with other users by emailing the entire project using the Send Project feature or export date to MS Excel. Primavera Contractor can also integrate with other Primavera software such as Primavera P6 or Primavera Contract Manager.

The application supports work breakdown structures (WBS), user-defined fields and codes, and critical-path-method (CPM) scheduling. Primavera Contractor also enables you to:

  • Create dictionaries for resources, calendars, codes, user-defined fields, and cost accounts
  • Quickly update project progress and schedule projects
  • Track project expenses
  • Compare project baselines
  • Use a report wizard to create customizable reports to extract any data from the database
  • Integration with Primavera P6 for field users not Internet accessible
  • Create step details for activities to reduce the number of activities needed on a project

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All this functionality can be accessed securely on your own computer. Contact us for more information either by phone at 609-299-1585, ext 288 or by email.

Gantt Chart showing step details
  • Gantt Chart showing step details
    The number of needed activities in a project can be reduced by including steps within an activity. Step templates can be created to reduce data entry.
  • Contractor
    Use powerful gantt chart functionality to manage tasks on your project.
  • WBS Structure
    Work breakdown structures (WBS) can be created to help reduce the risk of missing tasks during schedule development.
  • PERT View
    Activity relationships can be quickly created using the PERT view.
  • Spotlight
    Project status updates can be performed more effectively using Progress Spotlights. The spotlight identifies activity progress that should be occuring during the present update cycle.
  • Layouts
    Layouts can "Slice & Dice" your information to present a clearer picture of needed actions.
  • Critical Path
    Project critical paths can be easily viewed to determine project priorities.

Gantt Chart showing step details