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Manage contracts instead of chasing paper. Tracking thousands of subcontractor bids, submissions, faxes, phone calls and e-mails across all your projects can result in weeks of wasted effort and missed start dates.

Primavera Contract Management, formerly Expedition, provides a central repository of all project information, allowing you to stay on top of every detail and more efficiently assist in the preparation, review and administration of all contracts relating to your projects. With easy access to all information, follow-up and dispute settlements are streamlined. Primavera Contract Management's automated features also help you to better and more efficiently prepare and manage requests for information, oversee the submittal process, evaluate bids, negotiate change orders or other construction issues and secure necessary approvals.

Contract Management v13 has been released. Stay tuned for details.


Contract Management v13 record view


Primavera Contract Management accelerates team collaboration through improved document controls, email integration and flexible workflow's.

Primavera has announced the immediate availability of its newly released and updated integrated program management solution for the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. Primavera offers the industry’s only complete solution to enable companies to manage all aspects of their projects and programs successfully. Click here to see the full press release.

Primavera Contract Management offers several new enhancements that will greatly improve data integration and collaboration. Many projects today are managed extensively with email correspondence. Release 12 of Contract Manager gives organizations the option to pull those emails into a centralized repository so as to create a more effective data management system that is otherwise disjointed. Click here to see a list of the top features in this new release.

Contract Manager is the industry leading integrated program management solution for the architecture, engineering and construction industry. It use by both small and large companies to manage projects and minimize impacts due to scope changes. Two case studies can be viewed by clicking on the following links:

The success of Contract Manager is due in large part to its vast quantity of tools that help companies manage the complexities of today's construction projects. No matter what size of project, Contract Manager can be scaled to fit the need. Its easy-to-use, browser-based interface make it the de facto choice for companies and organizations of all size. Click here to see the Contract Manager Data Sheet.

All this functionality can be accessed securely through a browser on your internal network or remotely on jobsite's. Contact us for more information either by phone at 609-299-1585 or email at


Contract Manager Control Center
  • Contract Manager Control Center
    Monitor key project information from a user-specific desktop. The customizable Control Center gives rapid two-click access to to just about any project detail.
  • Project Folders
    Each project contains its own set of logs. The logs are navigated to via the easy-to-use project folder structure.
  • Vendor List
    Projects also contains their own vendor list which can be copied from one project to another or from a master group list. Vendor information can be quickly copied to records as they are created thus greatly reducing data entry.
  • Issue Management
    Issues can be tracked on a project and cross-reference to associated project records on-the-fly.
  • Tranmittal Log
    Transmittals can be generated from document records and tracked in the transmittal log.
  • Transmittal Form
    Transmittals can also be created from any record using Contract Managers embedded PDF writer for easy distribution.
  • RFI Record
    RFI's can be created and tracked collaboratively or by remote project team members.
  • Letters
    Integration with MS Word allows organizations to create and track project correspondence from a single location instead of several different computers.
  • Meeting Minutes
    Meeting minutes can be tracked across the project and linked to construction issues as needed in order to facilitate quick resolution.
  • Meeting Minutes Form
    Meeting minute forms can be created via the embedded PDF writer and emailed to meeting attendees.
  • Cost Worksheet
    Centralized and secured, project costs can be tracked from a consolidated log allowing detail drill-downs for cost auditing.
  • Bidder Stats
    Bids can be tracked and analyzed to determine the best buyout options for the project. Contracts can be quickly generated and awarded for successful bidders.
  • Contracts
    Contracts can be tracked as the various trades are bought out.
  • Contract Log
    Contract status can be viewed quickly displaying buy-out values as well as any associated changes.
  • Change Order Log
    A project change order log can be used to create, track and resolve changes as they occur.
  • Change Order Log Export
    Change order logs can be exported to MS Excel for quick analysis or ad-hoc reporting. This functionality is available in all the Contract Manager logs.
  • Submittal Log
    Tracking ten or even tens of hundreds of submittals can be easily created and tracked using automated functionality built into Contract Manager.

Contract Manager Control Center