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IP System 3 Annouces Partnership with CDP

Philadelphia, PA / Charlotte, NC - November 8, 2012: CDP, a Charlotte, NC based firm with offices in Richmond, VA and Columbia, MD announces the expansion of its sales and consulting team to DE, NJ, NY, and PA. CDP also has regional training centers in Houston, TX and Kansas City, MO. To ensure success in DE, NJ, NY, and PA, CDP has partnered with IP System 3 to provide training and consulting services, as well as adding Stephen Mullen to the CDP sales team.

IP System 3 is a Cherry Hill, NJ based Oracle Primavera Professional Services Firm. CDP and IP System 3 have enjoyed a casual business relationship in the past, but, with the expansion of CDP to DE, NJ, NY, and PA, it was important to have a local training center and Primavera-experienced consultants in the region.

Michael Kehoe MBA, PMP, the acting Executive Vice President and Senior Consultant of IP System 3, will work closely with CDP in managing this new business relationship. “Mike provides over twenty years of experience with the Primavera P3, ST, P6 and Contract Management (formerly Expedition) software applications.” explains Paul Riefenberg, CDP President. “We will leverage Mike’s experience with many training programs and include him in key account sales.” says CDP Vice President Brett Kligerman. Mike Kehoe conveys, “I have been looking for the right business partner who has the same vision of delivering quality services and solutions to the industries in this region; CDP and IP System 3 are the perfect match.”

Stephen Mullen brings existing Primavera sales expertise from his work with other past Primavera partners. Stephen and Brett Kligerman both live in the Philadelphia metro market and will work to provide DE, NJ, NY, and PA with the local Oracle Primavera account management it has been lacking in recent years. “With the addition of Stephen, CDP expects to provide the same depth of service our offices currently deliver in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast.” explains Paul Riefenberg, CDP President. “The DE, NJ, NY, and PA markets require a team effort and focus. Stephen is just the guy to help CDP expand in this market.” says CDP Vice President Brett Kligerman.

About IP System 3

IP System 3 has been providing Primavera Professional Services for 15 years. Their core business consists of training, consulting, scheduling services and claims analysis. Michael Kehoe himself has trained thousands of users on best practices of Primavera software. With their contract management, scheduling and claims experience, the training and consulting delivered to their customers is based on real life and practical application of the Primavera tool set and provides a strong value proposition to their clients.

About CDP

CDP has 30 years of experience with software solutions geared for Construction and Project Oriented Businesses. CDP is one of the original founding Oracle Primavera partners and continues to be one of the fastest growing Oracle Primavera Partners in the US and Canada. CDP is a leading provider for Dexter + Chaney, Hard Dollar, eTimeMachine and Phoenix Project Manager. CDP has consistently performed as a top Partner in North America for Oracle Primavera. Together with Dexter + Chaney, Hard Dollar, eTimeMachine, and Phoenix Project Manager, CDP has the software tools needed by Project Centric organizations. CDP industry expertise, solutions and personal touch leads to business success for their clients.


Oracle Primavera Contract Management v13, formerly Expedition Officially Released

(October 01, 2009) Release v13 of Contract Management relieves one big head-ache that users always had. That head-ache was regarding the management of attachments. This release now has a built-in content management system that makes the input of electronic attachments from either emails or records far superior to prior releases. With prior releases, the attachment link often broke if referenced. Attachment directories could be setup to eliminate this issue but they had to be setup new for each and every project via the Administration Utility. This caused may head-aches for end user. With the release of v13, this is no longer an issue. Electronic files are now archived into the default repository. For more advanced organizations,, version 13 offers the ability to integrate the content management system with Microsoft SharePoint or into Oracle Content Management. Oracle Content Management is an advanced content management system used to management electronic documents in an organization using highly advance functionality.

Another major enhancement has to do with usability. Longer is it necessary to scroll down the length of a record to locate fields. Tabs are now used to navigate from section to section.

CM13 record view

Oracle has released an official document outlining these enhancements as well as IT considerations associated with the release.

Click here to view the table of contents of the Contract Management release 13 RVP document.

Click here to request a free copy of the Contract Management release 13 RVP document.

Oracle Primavera P6 v7 Officially Released

(August 18, 2009) Good news for those looking forward to the next release of Primavera P6. Oracle has released a document outlining the enhancements to their flagship product P6. This document provides an overview of features and enhancements included in Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) v7. It is intended solely to help you assess the business benefits of upgrading to P6 EPPM v7 and to plan your IT projects.

Click here to view the table of contents of the P6 v7 RVP document.

Click here to request a free copy of the P6 v7 RVP document.

Oracle Primavera to End Support for Primavera P3 Project Planner

(August 1, 2009) Oracle, who now owns Primavera Systems, announced that support for Primavera P3 Project Planner will end December 2010. Present users of P3 can still continue to use the software but will not be able to get any type of support from Oracle after December 2010.

Another announcement that was made by Oracle was that P3 can no longer be purchased by companies or individuals that at the present time do not own a copy of P3 under current maintenance. Company's that need to use P3 on a project as per contract specifications are strongly encouraged to inform that owner that P3 can no longer be purchased. Customers can purchase a copy of P6 Professional and export/import projects in P3 format if needed. There are some important details regarding this and customers are strongly encouraged to contact us for details.

If you have any questions regarding this announcement, please contact Randy Alessio at 609-299-1585, x288 or via email.

Displaced Professionals In Line for State-Funded Retraining

(May 1, 2009) As reported by Beth Fitzgerald of NJBiz on 2/19/09, unemployed professionals who’ve been displaced as their industries downsize can now apply for state Department of Labor and Workforce Development “dislocated worker” retraining grants of up to $4,000 to enroll in Rutgers University’s professional development programs, including the “mini-MBAs” in biopharma innovation, strategic health care and business essentials.

The state Labor Department also has just approved these Rutgers programs for retraining workers at Fort Monmouth who will lose their jobs when the base closes in 2011.

The Rutgers courses are among hundreds of retraining programs, many offered by four-year and community colleges statewide, approved by Labor for state financial aid, said Amy Fitzgerald, government representative for the department. Fitzgerald said the Rutgers mini-MBA programs are unusual “because they are geared toward helping well-educated white-collar workers move into a new industry.”

New Jersey earlier this month received a $7 million grant from the federal Department of Labor to retrain workers laid off from jobs in finance — according to estimates, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut could lose 82,000 finance jobs by the end of this year.

Abe Weiss, director of the Rutgers Center for Management Development, said the grants cover most of the tuition expenses for these programs. The mini-MBAs vary in duration, from 12 weeks in three-hour evening sessions each week, to an accelerated one-week program in June. Courses are taught on campus in Piscataway and at various off-campus locations, including Newark and Morristown. Sessions are staggered, with new classes opening up year-round; the other certificate programs run continuously throughout the year.

Many of the jobless professionals who are eligible for these retraining grants “are very highly trained and educated people who are unemployed and are looking for jobs,” Weiss said. “They have invested in their human capital and received advanced schooling and training, they’ve participated in leading-edge industries, and now they find themselves out of work. They need to refocus their training so they can capitalize on their skills to channel them into other industries.”

One student, who just completed the mini-MBA in biopharma innovation, already has a Ph.D. in genetics and molecular biology. But he wanted additional training to prepare for a career shift into the biopharmaceutical industry, Weiss said.

Later this year, Rutgers will hold information sessions for the workers at Fort Monmouth, and the Rutgers programs will be taught at the military base.

“We want to try to keep the intellectual capital here in New Jersey, and move them into industries that are growing,” Fitzgerald said.

The state has received $3.8 million to provide retraining to up to 15,000 workers on the base, along with 8,000 contractors who are directly affected by the closure of the base, Fitzgerald said. “Many of the Fort Monmouth folks are highly educated, with masters degrees and Ph.D.s, so the Rutgers mini-MBAs would help them move to new careers.”

IP System 3 adds:

IP System 3 and Rutgers University have created a strategic alliance to offer a Dual Project Management Certificate Program. The Program qualifies for the New Jersey grant program.

IP System 3 / Zensar Partnership

(February 9, 2009) IP System 3 - via our focus to bring more value to our clients – has established a partnership with ZensarThoughtDigital of New York, NY. ZensarThoughtDigital is a Certified Oracle E-Business Suite Software Reseller and Implementation Partner with Global reach. For our clients, Zensar brings the ability to integrate Primavera to Oracle’s ERP systems, including the E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, & PeopleSoft; new Oracle ERP implementations & upgrades to further streamline & automate for efficiency; and AMSS (Application Maintenance Support Services) which is a multi-shore, outsourced, managed services solution for support of most of today’s business systems & technologies.

About Zensar - Zensar Technologies is a $200M/yr firm which concentrates on implementing, custom-building, and supporting Enterprise Applications in the Unites States and across the globe. We offer a full portfolio of solutions to address the vast needs of our diverse customer base. Zensar’s Oracle practice is one of the top players in the world, with an Enterprise Applications solution footprint comprised of a full suite of services around the Oracle E-Business Suite (CRM, Financials, SCM, HRMS, Projects, etc.), Oracle Fusion Middleware, Demantra, Hyperion, and a multitude of other applications and technologies. Our offering also extends beyond package solutions; including Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Custom Application Development, Testing, and Infrastructure Support Management.

News? The Economy, of course...

(December 22, 2008) Every time we turn around, switch on the television or the radio or deal with clients, we are constantly reminded of the present economic situation. Does that mean we need to stop improving the way we do business? No, it means that we need to invest wisely on ways to improve our business efficiencies so when the economy picks back up, we WILL be ready with our "A" game.

Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" states "Victory comes from finding opportunities in problems". Utilize the economic down-turn to improve the way you do business, expand your business knowledge or the skills of your employees. When the economy picks back up, the opportunity will be lost. You will be too busy trying to make up for lost cash flow and will not have the time for business improvement initiatives.

According to a December 22, 2008 article in the International Herald Tribune, President-elect Barack Obama is expanding his economic recovery plan to over $600 billion. The initiatives will seek to create 3 million jobs in the next two years. The sort of jobs Obama would propose creating involve construction work on roads, mass transit projects, weatherization of government buildings and installation of information technology in medical facilities, among others.

How will you take advantage of the present situation so as to maximize your returns for the up-coming opportunities?

Which direction?

Oracle and Primavera - Legal Entity Change

(January 8, 2009) The legal change in control of Primavera as an independent, privately-held company to Oracle was completed January 1, 2009. The acquisition has been very rapid since the initial announcement was made in early October. Until now, little has changed for customers. Now that the legal change in control has been completed, users will start to notice changes. These changes will pertain to such things revised product offerings and pricing. But not all the changes are going to be hitting customers in their wallets. In an Oracle Primavera document entitled "Overview and Frequently Asked Questions", it states:

Customers’ investments in Primavera’s products are expected to be protected as Primavera’s products become the foundation of a global business unit within Oracle focused on providing Enterprise PPM solutions to project-intensive industries. Oracle expects to continue to sell and support Primavera products in standalone situations and with Oracle and non-Oracle environments. As with other strategic acquisitions, Oracle will review all currently supported Primavera products and will document defined support timeframe's for each with a view to their inclusion in Oracle’s Lifetime Support policy.
Primavera customers are expected to benefit from improved service and support through the breadth and scale of Oracle’s service and customer support organizations. Further, the scale of the combined business is expected to accelerate innovation for customers via Oracle’s $2.7 billion R&D investment and technology base driving advances to Primavera’s product suite and delivering new and industry-specific technology to market faster.

The benefits may not be immediately felt by customers. These change will take so time but the upside is tremendous for the customer. We are excited to be involved in this transition.

Further information can be obtained by visiting the Oracle web site (Contact us via email or by phone at 609-299-1585, ext. 212 if you have any questions.